“Relationship Counseling”

“If you think you’re enlightened, then try getting into a relationship”. Osho quote

Without a doubt-and I’ve experienced this in my own life-there is a vast divide between the ideas we get in our heads, and the reality of what is, and our inter-relationships with others can serve as that “reality check” that we need. Sometimes, when we ARE in a relationship,- and more often than not- in an intimate relationship, the mirror can become inescapable and then our “fight or flight” instinct can kick-in and trick us, at times robbing us of the opportunity to dive deeper and source ourselves at a core, essential level, where we can come-away with the prize of self-discovery!

Relationships tend to have 3 levels, courting, cooperation, and synergy, and after the first one all the others are preceded by power-struggle, this even applies to spiritual self-Realization!

When we are in an intimate relationship we tend to view it thru the lens we are applying at the time, and we can easily miss the gifts it is bringing us at a deeper level.

A successful relationship with the other more often than not originates from a successful relationship with ourselves, and if we don’t truly know ourselves, our essence, our chances for knowing the other, much less succeeding in the relationships are slim at best.

My couples counseling differs from other approaches because it does not merely try to get you to function, but it assists you both in discovering the hidden parts of yourself that maybe sabotaging the relationship/s in your life, starting with the one to yourself.

I come from a background of years of spiritual/healing work, and what I bring to the table is my own personal discovery and experience, plus my ability to read and assist you in discovering yourself.

I have under my belt years of meditation, transformational/energetic healing work, psychic training and practice, but most importantly, a vast personal experience in relationships, and the crown jewel is that I myself practice what I preach, and I have been blessed with a loving, lasting, committed relationship. It didn’t come easy, and I have personally experienced the valleys of the search in my lifetime. I have been of assistance to others and given the chance, I feel like I can assist you as well…just give us a call, the first 15 minute intake call is on us, the next 1/2 hour session you can use the discount coupon for. 760-580-9011 or lv. a message at 858-222-0052 your call!