“Mindfulness Training”

Mindfulness training is something that is now being practiced at avant garde institutions like Google that are always ahead of the curve. Their motive is to succeed, they too, understand the link between productivity and success…

But mindfulness training is not in truth something new.

Maybe the name is new, maybe the intention to use it as a way to facilitate human beings in sourcing more of their abilities is new. Maybe the fact that arguably today’s most advanced and ambitious corporations are turning to it is new, but mindfulness training aside from its new title is not itself a new technology!

You can go back 50,000 years and look at a tablet from ancient Sumeria and see people meditating, well maybe not exactly people, but you can definitely see that they are meditating!

Tim Galway in his book “the inner game of tennis” back in the 70s already was describing the magic of being “in the zone” versus lost in your story about what this moment is about, and became extremely successful in getting people to improve their game of tennis!

Proponents of mindfulness training remind us that there is something called “emotional maturity” something that becoming aware can help us realize.

It’s as if though all the answers to all the questions that we were seeking had been inside ourselves the whole time and the only distraction was the volume of the questions drowning-out the silence of the answer!